Hate Windows 8?

Hate Windows 8? 2017-05-11T14:42:49+00:00

Don’t like Windows 8?  We don’t blame you and suspect someone deserves to be fired!  Well, Steve IS gone now.

We can do one of three things to make your laptop or desktop useable again.

  • Add the traditional start menu back to Windows 8 and set Windows to go
    to desktop mode by default.  That’s $65 and can be ordered here.
  • Upgrade your PC from Windows 8 to Windows 7.  This requires the
    purchase of a valid Win 7 license and can be ordered there.
  • *** NEW *** We’ve had Windows 10 since the preview was released
    and actually like it!  For the most part the upgrade is straightforward but
    some curve balls do show up. We can handle this upgrade for you for a very
    reasonable price.

Some ranting:   Microsoft seems to get it right every other time:

  • Win95 – Success
  • Win98/Me – Total failure
  • Win2k/XP – Success
  • Vista – Total failure
  • Win7 – Success
  • Win8 – This would have put any other company out of business

Win8 was so bad that Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and is releasing Windows 10.